The 30-day novel


Lisa: "Where does a man get inspiration to write a song like that?"
Jeff: "He gets from the landlady once a month."
— Rear Window (1954)
Unlike the composer in Alfred Hitchcock's masterpiece, I'm sure you never need such inspiration to begin a new novel, right? I bet your daily schedule is a master class in efficiency, with each writing project meticulously mapped out from start to finish.


I suspected as much. Actually, I know all about this firsthand because that was my method of writing my novels, before I temporarily put new projects on hold in order to launch The Fussy Librarian.

A novel can be written in 30 days. Really. Nearly 700,000 people participated in National Novel Writing Month last November. The ones who actually finished, however, were the ones who started their planning now.

I'm not talking about devoting three hours every night to planning. Even 20 to 30 minutes a night now can create the framework you'll need to be successful in November. Here's three things to work on now: