“We have been promoting the Hannah Howe mystery series with The Fussy Librarian for three years. Thanks to our promotions with The Fussy Librarian, our mystery series has reached the number 1 position on six separate occasions and number 2 position on 26 separate occasions.

When we promote with The Fussy Librarian, we ALWAYS reach a top 5 position!

Although no one can guarantee results or sales, our sales suggest that The Fussy Librarian is the best promoter in the business for your dollar. We are so confident in them that we have set up promotions of our ebooks with The Fussy Librarian well into the foreseeable future.”

— Publisher Daniela Jones,
Goylake Publishing.

“Excellent service! Sayde was a HUGE HELP.  I will definitely use the Fussy Librarian again!”

– Larry Nocella

“The Fussy Librarian continues to be my favorite ad site. Easy to use, incredibly economical, and generates revenue.”

– Lisa Wadler

“The Fussy Librarian has grown into a leading promotion service for authors.  Its newsletter is well organized by genres, making it simple for readers to find the book that appeals to them.  I’ve had a great return on investment every time I promoted with Fussy.”

– Uvi Poznansky

“I can say without hesitation that Fussy Librarian is the leader of the pack when it comes to email ads for authors.  The personal service, the outreach, the cost.  First Rate!”

– Don Bailey

“The Fussy Librarian is my default advertising resource.  They have provided me an avenue to reach avid readers in India and Brazil.  I wholly recommend The Fussy Librarian and look forward to a long future advertising with them.”

– Grace Harper

“The Fussy Librarian staff is awesome! They are experts, attentive, and responsive.

Their tools and tips make an author’s job easier.

My recent promotion shot my first book in my Spencer Funeral Home in Niagara series into the Top 100 for free Kindle books. It ranked 1 and 2 in its categories, and ratings went up. The rest of the series sold quite well, and reviews and interviews were a surprising bonus.”

— Author Janice J. Richardson,
Spencer Funeral Home Niagara Cozy Mystery Series.

“The Fussy Librarian’s fees are exceptionally reasonable, and the results are a great bang for the buck.  Jeffrey Bruner, the owner, is quick to get back to you if you have any questions or issues, and he’s always looking for new ways to help authors.  The Fussy Librarian is one of the few newsletter sites that actively markets to acquire new reader subscribers to their list.  So many other sites depend on authors to find them new reader subscribers.  Not Fussy!  The Fussy Librarian is one of my Top 5 marketing sites. Try them. You’ll love them!”

– Kathy Carmichael

“I would be happy to leave a review.  I’ve used the Fussy Librarian for three years now, and have seen how well the site works. It doesn’t matter if I run a free promo or a heavily discounted promo, the outcome is always the same because of the voracious readers.  My books always get a good boost from the site.”

– Katina Gavin

“I have found that having a free book promotion works but it works best with Fussy Librarian.  Having it included in your newsletter can make the difference between less than a hundred downloads and a thousand or more.  There are other book promotion sites that are much more expensive without any guarantees of results.  Fussy Librarian is affordable and, with seven books to promote, that is important to me.  Since I started promoting my books on Fussy Librarian, my yearly royalties have more than tripled. I will continue to use your service.”

– Valerie Tate

“I’ve been using The Fussy Librarian to help promote my books for the past 6 months.  I’ve seen good results from each promotion.  I’m also receiving great extra information on how to market and what works and what doesn’t in the shifting sand of book selling.  I highly recommend The Fussy Librarian!”

– Bonnie Edwards

“I’ve been self-publishing historical novels and murder mysteries for several years now and tried all sorts of advertising websites, with varying success.  The Fussy Librarian has, however, always produced good results, particularly for free promotions.  The price is competitive too – an important consideration when you make no money with a free book in the hope of increasing visibility and future sales.  The site is easy to use with a handy function that allows you to replicate promotions to save time.”

– Harriet Steel

“We use Fussy Librarian for every book promotion we run. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

– Ashton Cartwright

“I have used the Fussy Librarian for several book promotions, and have been very satisfied with the results.  IMHO, this is a cost-effective way to get information out on your promotions.”

– John Dolan

“I have been thoroughly impressed with the team at Fussy Librarian.  They have been central to the startling growth in the number of my readers.  Each time I do a promotion I see a surge in purchases and downloads of my books.  The response from readers is instantaneous: the day after a promo I love reading my daily Book Report and seeing the surge in reader response.  Best of all – the process of setting up a promo with Fussy is seamless and efficient.”

– Ian Patrick

“The Fussy Librarian is my ‘go-to’ place for advertising as an author.  I have tried other methods of advertising but have found that The Fussy Librarian is the most effective way to reach readers.  I advertise my books that are regularly priced and free titles, too.  Even after the promotional period is over I have found that readers continue to purchase my titles because the books have reached readers who have never read any of my works.  Recently, I advertised a free promotion on one of my books and it rose to #40 on the ‘free’ Kindle book chart.  After the free promotion was over I noticed a considerable increase in sales.  One reviewer wrote, “This is the first book I have read by this author and I truly enjoyed it.  I will be purchasing all of her books.” If you want to reach new readers and increase your sales then The Fussy Librarian is the place to advertise.”

– Deanna Edens

“I have experimented with several e-book marketers (and will continue to do so), but, so far, The Fussy Librarian seems the most effective.  Most of my promotions are of the FREE variety, and, to date, all the books so promoted have made the top 5 in Amazon’s free KDP rankings in several categories, such as “Financial Thrillers”, “Private Investigator Mysteries”, and “Crime Thrillers”. (No. 1 or No. 2 rankings are common.) The cost of promotions is reasonable and the Fussy staff easy to deal with and responsive.  I expect Fussy will remain in my promotional quiver.”

– Lawrence DeMaria

“Fussy Librarian is my go-to promo site.  Why? In the years I have been promoting books, they have consistently sold more books than any other service.  Simple as that.  With the added bonus that on the one occasion when sales were not up to their high standard (they are that fussy!), Jeffrey got straight back to me with an offer to re-run the promotion resulting in normal sales.  Did I mention how easy they are to work with? You always know exactly what you are getting.  And as for the author newsletters rounding up oodles of really useful information – just fab.  And so-oo useful.”

– Jacky Gray

“I have used The Fussy Librarian many times to promote my Smoke Tree Series novels.  The cost/benefit ratio is extraordinary, as is the service and flexibility.”

– Gary George

“I have always appreciated the professionalism of Fussy Librarian’s services.  Your attention to detail by emailing me a couple of days beforehand to double check the details is absolute proof of your commitment to helping authors.  Your consistency in delivering great promotions for my books has continued to keep me coming back for more!”

– Luana Ehrlich

“With The Fussy Librarian newsletter plus a promotion on another similarly sized site, I gave away over 2,000 copies of my book, The Foreign Desk over a weekend.  I got into the top 100 of the entire Free Kindle store on Amazon US and Amazon UK.  By promoting with Jeffrey you can catapult yourself ahead of millions of other books and gain exposure and readers for a very reasonable sum.”

– Alex Clifford

“The Fussy Librarian is hands down my favorite book promotion site.  It’s wonderfully professional and delivers exactly what it promises: maximum exposure of promoted books to hordes of eager readers.  Highly recommended.”

– Justine Rampling

“I can always count on The Fussy Librarian to bring in a large number of readers for my free Kindle days.  I appreciate them so much!”

– Jackie Zack, Contemporary Romance Author

“I love working with The Fussy Librarian for my book promotions.  I’ve promoted with them for four years now and have had great results every time!”

– Connie Shelton

“I have had excellent results from The Fussy Librarian over the years.  I have only used them for my PermaFree book, and each time I’ve had a satisfying amount of downloads, in the 500 to 800 range over two days that have resulted in sales of all my other books.  Each time I do a promo with them, I see a direct increase in my book sales that more than pays for the cost of the promotion.  What I like about them, is they are fussy, so apparently are their readers.  They know that they are getting quality books that have enough Amazon or Goodreads reviews to be on their site.”

– Lyle Nicholson

“I’ve been marketing my books (mainly my perma free books) for about four years now.  At first, I threw money at everyone, trying every company I could find.  Needless to say, I lost a lot of money.  Then, I started to be smart about it.  I began to track my CPD (cost per download).  Fussy never fails to give me a great CPD.  Unlike some sites where the first time you promote with them you get a ton of downloads but future times you get barely anything, promoting with Fussy always gives me great results.  And then there’s the sell through.  I always make my money back for both pen names and then some.”

– Ellis Day

“Both economical and effective – I never schedule a promo without reserving my slot with The Fussy Librarian!”

– Allison Goodwin

“I have used The Fussy Librarian several times to promote my novel.  My experience has been excellent.  The staff is always quick to reply to inquiries, setting up a promotion is easy, and most importantly, results have been good.  For example, the last two times I have used The Fussy Librarian, they have been the sole source of promotion for my free giveaway on a particular day.  On those days, my novel was downloaded 970 and 607 times which compares favorably to other promotion sites.  In addition, The Fussy Librarian sends frequent articles on various topics that provide useful information to independent authors.  Finally, the newsletter that The Fussy Librarian sends out to promote a book lists a number of free and discounted books, some of which I have read and found to be quite good.  In short, I highly recommend The Fussy Librarian to any independent author seeking to promote his or her work.”

– Sam Artigliere

“The Fussy Librarian is a marketing tool I can count on – a friendly service with great ROI.”

– Jane Gorman

“The Fussy Librarian has been my go-to promotional service for years.  I love that it splits up the genres, so you know that your book is getting presented to an interested audience.  The website is easy to use, and it remains one of the most competitive prices, with a reliable return on free books.”

– Kelly Marsden

“I can’t sing the praises of the Fussy Librarian highly enough!  They are my go-to site, my absolute first choice, for every promo I have.  The readers on their list seem unlike those from other sites, not just out for a bargain, but real book lovers with a hearty appetite for reading.  I can’t count the times I’ve offered a book in one of my series for free on the Fussy Librarian, and someone decides (or on great days, quite a few people decide) to get every book in the series there and then!  And the staff!  Friendly, accommodating, quick to reply and very fair.  It’s obvious they care.  What more could you want?  As a writer, I want to get my books into the hands of as many people as possible, and with The Fussy Librarian, it’s a breeze.  The site has effortlessly allowed me to greatly expand my readership and have fun doing it.  If you haven’t give them (her?it?)a try, what on Earth are you waiting for?”

– Gerald Hansen

“I’ve been an avid user of Fussy Librarian for five years.  The service has always been highly trustworthy, and the rates extremely reasonable.  Respectable returns have been consistent throughout this time – even when promoting the same book repeatedly.  I’ve experienced vastly lower returns with other companies who charge three times as much.  Those are always deleted from even my supplementary list, while Fussy Librarian has always remained on my premium list.  I highly recommend Fussy Librarian for all authors because you really can’t go wrong with them.”

– Peter Darley

“I’ve used the Fussy Librarian multiple times as part of a launch strategy as well as an in-between-launch rank boost.  Every time I’ve been rewarded with a positive return on my investment.  I appreciate the supportive community and the excellent customer service!”

– Rue

“There are lots of promotion companies out there that overcharge for services whose results can be underwhelming, but Fussy Librarian is one promo company that delivers time and time again.  As the market becomes flooded with an abundance of books, it can be hard getting the word out about your own, so Fussy Librarian has become part of my overall strategy to get eyes on my books – because readers can’t discover me if they don’t see me!  Fussy is a valuable partner, helping me capture new readers at an affordable price.  Thank you!”

– Jade Jamison

“Great promotion site! Using The Fussy Librarian during my free book promotions has helped my book, Escape to Osprey Cove, to reach a ranking in the top five of at least three categories and a ranking in the top 100 best seller list for free books during each promotion.”

– Luisa Marietta Gold

“Whenever I do a promo, I think of Fussy Librarian.  The return of investment is tops in the business, and my downloads shoot through the roof.  You won’t go wrong by asking them to help you out.  I’ve never been disappointed!”

– AJ Lape

“The thing I value most about The Fussy Librarian is how quickly you and your staff respond to my questions and concerns.  I once sent you an email at 10 o’clock at night, and you responded within minutes!  Now that’s customer service!  Beyond that, your newsletters have tons of helpful information. And (last but not least) Fussy Librarian is my go-to place for promoting my books.  Thanks so much.”

– Quinn Larson

“I have been consistently pleased with the promotions I have run with The Fussy Librarian, both in terms of ease of use and in the marked increase in sales, not only on the day of the promotion, but often for weeks after.  This is a great tool for any author to make use of!”

– Melodie Starkey

“As an Indie Author being your own publicist and promoter is an essential part of the process.  Having your books seen on respected book promotion websites with loyal subscribers is important and to this end I could not recommend The Fussy Librarian more.  I have advertised all of my books with them at one time or another and I regularly slot them in my marketing budget each quarter.  Why?  Because of solid service, caring placement, and most importantly, good results that make it worth the money each and every time!”

– Tony Faggioli

“Increase your sales with this affordable outlet for your book. It works.”

– Faye Roberts

“I love the Fussy Librarian. I always see an uptick in sales when I use your service.  I also appreciate the ease in which I can feature my books on your platform.”

– Laura Freeman

“I have used The Fussy Librarian on half a dozen occasions so far, and I’ve always been pleased with the results.  Like most indie authors, I initially found it difficult to attract new readers, and it wasn’t until I began giving away free copies of my books that I saw a distinct increase in sales.  And that’s where The Fussy Librarian comes into the picture.  Their daily newsletters are read by tens of thousands of dedicated readers, who are very keen to give new authors a go.  And if they like your free book, odds are fairly high that they’ll check out some of your other paid titles too.  Another added bonus is that quite a few of these readers will leave positive reviews on Amazon, which is an absolute must if you want to make it in this business.”

– Hervey Copeland

“Thanks for another successful promo!  I always advertise my free promos with you.  It’s a low-cost way to get a lot of downloads.  For the recent promotion of my mystery All Lies, I had over 14,000 downloads just from the Fussy Librarian ad.  That amounts to about two cents a download.  Well worth it!  And that doesn’t include KU downloads/page reads.  Thank You!”

– Andrew Cunningham

“The Fussy Librarian is great for promoting books and comes at a more than reasonable price.  I have used marketing services that have cost me over $1,000 in promoting a title and they did not have the reach that a $25 promotion on Fussy Librarian did.  I would recommend Fussy Librarian to any self-published author.”

– Haji Outlaw

“I’ve been extremely pleased with my free promotions with Fussy Librarian.  Invariably, the number of downloads I get with them per dollar invested is higher than most other – more expensive- promotion sites.  I’ve also been very pleased with how quickly they respond to my emails and the effort they put on accommodating me, I absolutely recommend them.”

– Diely Pichardo-Johansson

“They are the best Book Promoters I have known.  They took my science fiction book to No 1 on 29th March 2019.  I will never forget that date.  Thank you Fussy Librarian.”

-Brenda Mohammed

“Authors, make sure you check out @Fussy Librarian for some of your promos.  I’m running one right now and another on Friday and today’s promo is going GREAT!”

– Shawn Robinson

“Marketing and promotion are essential to any writer these days, but especially to little known indie authors.  Some say that promoting a book is harder than writing it.  I have tried the services of many marketing sites and can say with confidence that The Fussy Librarian is at the top of my ranking  scale.  Their services are professional and efficient.  The prices are very reasonable, the readership – large.  I always get thousands of downloads and often end up making a profit after a promotion with them.  The first time it came as a surprise, as I had never sold so many books during and after a promotion, then it became the norm.  I am very grateful to The Fussy Librarian team for everything they do in support of indie authors.”

– Dora Ilieva

“The Fussy Librarian is one of the few sites that I can guarantee 150+ downloads.  For the cost of advertising that makes it extremely worthwhile. I highly recommend any indie author hunting for a great advertisement option to try The Fussy Librarian – it brings a return on investment that really can’t be beat at its modest price.”

– Nicole MacDonald

“The Fussy Librarian is da bomb!”

– Amy Shojai

“I was extremely pleased with the response to my book, “12 Surprises of Heaven”! More then 1100 downloads in about 24 hours!  I will definitely be using you again.”

– Rocky Henriques

“I’ve found The Fussy Librarian to be good resource for promotion. They are easy to work with and clear in what they need from the author.  I get good exposure and some sales when I use them.”

– Gail Pallotta

“The Internet is awash with book promotion newsletters, but only a handful have large enough subscription lists to produce really good results.  I’ve tried scores of these services over the years and narrowed them all down to just five – and Fussy Librarian is one of them.  I advertise all five of my books there on a regular basis, and have found Jeffrey and his team to be consistently prompt, helpful, and a pleasure to work with.  I recommend them highly.”

– Andy Updegrove

“Fussy Librarian has given me positive results each time I’ve promoted one of my books on their site.  The administrators are helpful and reliable and always available to answer any questions I might have.  Fussy Librarian is a definite go-to site for me to promote when running a sale!”

– Effie Kammenou

“The Fussy Librarian is one of the most powerful and reliable marketing tools I’ve found.  Before I set up a Kindle promotion, I check this newsletter first to see if I can get the day I want.  If not, I change the dates of the promotion.  It’s that simple.  When you’ve used newsletter marketing a few times, it’s easy to see which ones are worth your time and money.  The Fussy Librarian is definitely one of those.  I strongly recommend Jeffrey Bruner and the Fussy Librarian.  Oh and as a side note, one of the surest signs of a well fun business is rapidity with which they answer your questions.  Having someone respond to your questions personally is, for me, the whole game.  With that level of contact, everything works.”

– Elliott Baker

“You get really good value from The Fussy Librarian.  It’s great to find a site that’s interested in what writers want.  As well as helping them find new readers they always feature useful items on how to become better author entrepreneurs.”

– Ted Tayler

“Authors are strapped for time.  Time to write, edit, edit, edit…and then there are many of us who seem to spend more time and money than anything else on marketing.  Fussy Librarian is a promo site that always pays off in new readers, and consequent sales down the road.  I highly recommend them for your next promotion.”

– Jinx Schwartz

“I’ve used The Fussy Librarian four times now.  they give solid results (good “bang for the buck”), and amidst the sea of promotional companies (I’ve tried every single one that looked even semi-legitimate), The Fussy Librarian is among just a handful of book promotion companies that I use and recommend consistently and without reservation.”

– Brennan McPherson

“I have found Fussy Librarian’s free book promotions to be very useful to introduce my books to new readers.  I usually find that my paid sales increase after a free promotion, due to the exposure.”

– Terry Atkinson

“As all self-publishing authors know, the promo side of things falls squarely on your own shoulders.  Twice now I have chosen to use Fussy Librarian in conjunction with a free promo for the digital copies of my first book in a series.  Both times that book cruised up to number one or number two in every category I have it in.  The other two books in the series also got a nice bump in sales in the immediate aftermath.  I highly recommend The Fussy Librarian and will be using them again in the future.”

– Dave Lemel

“With Jeffrey Bruner’s Fussy Librarian you’re always sure to get good value for money.  Reasonable prices for good results.  And as a bonus you can count on that unique personal touch: if you have a problem, just mail the Head Librarian and he’ll do all he can.  Oh yes: and the Fussy Newsletters are just great!”

– Nick Aaron

“Working with The Fussy Librarian is a positive experience for several reasons.  They reply promptly to questions and make helpful suggestions.  For example, Jeffrey suggested that I advertise my permafree once every two months and I am seeing good numbers of downloads and website visits from that.  I’m also advertising a couple of paid books and seeing action there too.  When I asked Jeffrey to suggest other sites that would compliment my ads on Fussy, he was quick to suggest a couple for me to try.  I also like that The Fussy Librarian is not too pricey as I am working with limited funds.”

– Darlene Jones

“I have three ‘go-to’ marketing favorites.  The Fussy Librarian is at the top of that short list.  It was recommended to me by a super-successful author friend of mine and she was so right!  I’ve always had wonderful download numbers, and Jeffrey was extremely helpful when I made an error – twice!  Try Fussy. You’ll be delighted with the results.”

– Georgia Van Druff

“One of the few, super affordable newsletter promotion options that consistently delivers results and continues to grow their list, The Fussy Librarian is an essential part of my promo plans.”

– Kait Noan

“I’ve worked with Fussy Librarian ever since I started working as an indie author.  I find their promotions to be really helpful and excellent value for money.  I look forward to continuing our association!”

– Anna Campbell

“I have used The Fussy Librarian many times to promote my books.  The thing I like best about them is that the process is streamlined.  It only takes me three or four minutes to book a promotion.  Then, all that’s left to do is wait and see what happens.  My results through them have been predictable and solid each and every time.  They are well worth the time and money!”

– Justin Johnson

I am an indie author and ran several promotions for my titles with Fussy Librarian over the years.  They always gave me great results, and I can highly recommend the Fussy Librarian.  I have used other promotion sites, and in my opinion, The Fussy Librarian is one of the best values for the money, if not the best.  The newsletters of the Fussy Librarian gave me valuable info, especially about literary agents and what they are looking for.  I haven’t been able to connect to a literary agent just yet, but I will keep on trying.  Jeffrey Bruner, who runs the Fussy Librarian, is very responsive and usually replies in a matter of hours.”

– Matthias Drawe

“The Fussy Librarian drove great results at a high ROI for me.  The Fussy Librarian drove over 1100 downloads at a cost per click of under 2 cents each!  I’ll definitely be including them on my future book launches and promotions.”

– Marc Jedel

“The Fussy Librarian is an integral part of my marketing strategy because it never fails to deliver.  I have four series that I market on rotation, and I always see excellent results even with my oldest series, which has been through the rotation several times.  Wonderful customer service + great ROI = one happy customer!”

– Tegan Maher

“I have used The Fussy Librarian for some time to promote my giveaways.  It’s a logical move, since I have twenty-three mysteries in a series.  Cost is important and I try to keep my per copy cost at two cents or less.  Fussy usually comes in right at that level.  I have tried several other services like this, but none has come close in value.  I think Jeffrey Bruner works hard at delivering a quality product and I plan to continue using The Fussy Librarian.”

– John Scherber

“Fussy Librarian is a must-have when I plan a promotion.  The website is easy to navigate, it takes barely a minute to snag a slot and, best of all, I see a solid return on my featured book as well as other titles in my series.  Fussy is known for focusing on quality books, so its subscribers are looking for their next favorite author rather than loading their devices with deals they may never read.  Dollar-for-dollar, it’s one of the best book promotion services out there.”

– Melanie Lageschulte

“I have been advertising with the Fussy Librarian for a number of years.  The best way to describe its effectiveness is to tell you that it is one of only three services that I use.  All the rest are, to be kind, less effective.  I look forward to working with them for another couple of years.”

– Robert Lannone

“When I use The Fussy Librarian to promote a free book, I consistently see 450-600 downloads, followed by and uptick in pages read on the Kindle Unlimited program.  Fussy is one of my “go-to” places for book promotion.”

– Ray Flynt

“I’ve been using the Fussy Librarian for my free promotions for a long time now. I track how many book sales each promotion has. The Fussy Librarian is one of the best promotional sites delivering a high number of downloads consistently.”

– Clark Graham

“The Fussy Librarian is not only a great resource for authors AND publishers, it offers continuing education, book promos, and the website is chock-full of goodies and tidbits. It’s my go-to resource for helping my authors easily market their books and see more sales!”

Susie Schaefer

“Fussy Librarian is one of my primary marketing tools. It’s easy to use, inexpensive, and yields great results whether I’m promoting a free book or a discounted one. What’s even better…their customer service is stellar! Each time I’ve had a question or needed to make a change to an ad, they’ve been quick to reply with a friendly and helpful response. “

Tammie Painter

“As a newbie self-published author, I have employed the services of The Fussy Librarian twice to date. Their first promotion for my YA urban fantasy ‘Sleeping with the Blackbirds’ took my book to the No. 1 spot for free Kindle novels about bullying. The second promotion did even better for my debut thriller ‘The Chair Man’ by taking the book to the no. 2 spot in the free Kindle thriller charts (a fiercely competitive genre). I was rubbing shoulders with the likes of Jack Mars, the USA Today’s best selling thriller author. More importantly, the promotions in both cases generated reviews on both Amazon and Goddreads and increased the number of those reading and wishing to read my books on Goodreads. The Fussy Librarian is clearly a serious player in book promotion market. They are professional, responsive, and clearly know what they are doing. I would certainly recommend their services, which seem more affordable than other services out there.

Alex Pearl

“I found Fussy Librarian easy to use and a great tool in my marketing arsenal. The ability to select multiple genres works (for the bargain newsletter) for your work is great for cross-genre fiction like mine. And the price is very affordable. I would highly recommend it.”

Kory Shrum

“I love Fussy! More than once I’ve sent a time sensitive email in panic mode because I needed to promote an upcoming book at the last minute. (Changing my release date, for example, requires a change in the promo date). Fussy has never been fussy about helping me. In fact s/he/they have gone out of their way to help. Perhaps, as importantly, I always see great results from my promos with The Fussy Librarian. Five stars all ‘ round.”

A.B. Plum

“We’ve been using The Fussy Librarian to promote our full-priced and sale-priced books since their start. We’ve always appreciated that our books are featured with other high-quality books of the same genre … We always see a bump in sales and a quick ROI, so we highly recommend “Fussy” to other authors and publishers.”

LindaRae Sande

‘’I recently placed ads on a number of sites to ramp up sales on a historical fiction novel in advance of a Featured BookBub Deal. Fussy Librarian gave me by far the most downloads and was the biggest bang for my buck. It helped my rankings and put me in a position to hit #1 in three categories.’’

Jessica James

‘’Fussy Librarian is one of the few places where you can include a link to your audiobook when you advertise a bargain book. Whenever I run a $.99 promotion I see an uptick in audiobook sales as well. I also love it because I can reach readers on multiple platforms, including Kobo and Apple. And ads are reasonable priced!’’

— Lisa M. Lilly.

‘’I first starting using The Fussy Librarian years ago, not long after it first became available. At the time, I wanted to advertise my books but had a problem. I was just starting to publish and money was tight. I needed something I could afford. The Fussy Librarian came to the rescue with promotions that not only fit my budget but gave great returns on the money spent. Today. I still find The Fussy Librarian my go-to choice for advertising. Not only is it still reasonably priced and easy to use, the customer service is outstanding—quick, efficient, and friendly. I’ve tried many sites and The Fussy Librarian tops them all for both consistent returns on investment and great customer service. Highly recommended.’’

Susan Kroupa.

After trying a lot of similar services, Fussy Librarian is my favorite!  I’ve been running free-day promotions on Amazon for 3 years now, using a number of different email lists and other forms of promotion to boost my downloads.  I started by running a free-day once a month to keep my sales up, and watching how each service delivered. When I looked at my numbers, I found that every time I used Fussy Librarian, I always got enough downloads to boost my Amazon rank high enough make back the cost of the promotion in sales in the next week, with Koll page reads and more sales coming in after that are just profit. No other promotions I’ve used give me better returns, and Fussy Librarian does it every time.  Not to mention, their pricing is low compared to a lot of others, and the promotion set up system is simple to use.  I’ve started using their subscription service, and now I’ve been making back 150% to 300% of the cost, consistently every month, for the last 3 months.  Finally, I’m starting to actually make some real income on my books!’’

— Emily Thompson.

“The Fussy Librarian is one of my top-tier, go-to promotion sites for free promotions. I like to book it towards the end of my free period so that it can run the “anchor leg” and help give my promotions a strong finish.’’

— E.P. Clark

‘’I’ve used The Fussy Librarian several times in the past and will certainly use them again. Most recently (April 24, 2020) Jeffrey listed my novel, A NEW PROSPECT, first in the Sam Jenkins series, with other mysteries. On April 23rd Amazon listed the book as number 2592 in the Free Kindle Store and number 48 among police procedurals. On April 25th, after The Fussy Librarian’s email recipients had a chance to act, the numbers went down to #2 in police procedurals and #111 in the Kindle store. That’s an impressive result.’’

Wayne Zurl.

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— Mark Adduci

“Fussy Librarian is very easy to work with. Their pricing structure is reasonable and their subscriber base continues to grow. I’ve been pleased with the results of all of my promotions with them. Highly recommended.”

Cindy Sample.

“What exactly do you want as a writer? Readers, right? It’s all about the reader. The FussyLibrarian has the readers you are looking for. Period! Whatever niche you are in, this should be your first point of contact promoting your books. Thanks to the team of The FussyLibrarian for helping my books  grow!”
— Ingo Blum.

“The Fussy Librarian is a solid, trusted, and cost effective marketing source for authors and I’ve always had good results from any promotions I have run with them. Highly recommended.”
— Georgia Rose.

“I have used the Fussy Librarian (a fun and exciting name I have always loved) consistently for at least the last three to four years. Out of all the sites that are available to help authors like me get the word out to promote their book, I have always found the Fussy Librarian to be consistent in terms of results. When I run a promotion on the Fuzzy Librarian, I get thousands of downloads, which have consistently turned into a good number of sales. Writers always hope to see results with their promotions, from exposure, to downloads to sales, and the Fussy Librarian has consistently provided this service for my work.”

— Betta Ferrendelli.

The Fussy Librarian has become a vital part of not only my book launch strategy but my overall marketing plan. I have considered and even tried many other promotional sites, but I keep coming back to The Fussy Librarian. Why? Exceptional value for money, fantastic customer service, and ideal reader/book pairing!

– Urcelia Teixeira

Checking the different websites that offer book promotions, I tried The Fussy Librarian first. I did try several others afterwards, but none of them, no matter how much or little I paid, ever measured up to The Fussy Librarian. Here is the exciting part, once I had the first book of the series in readers hands, they read through to the others and my investment repaid itself multiple times.

— Toni Kief

I’ve used Fussy Librarian for loads of promotions over the last few years, for new books, old books, first-in-series books, mid-series books and standalones, and have never been disappointed. The response to my promotions has grown in that time and for the last year or so Fussy Librarian has had the best success for me for the price of any promoter. Friendly and helpful to work with, Fussy Librarian is always first on my list when I’m planning a campaign.

— Nick Mills

I have used Fussy Librarian’s promotional newsletters for two years. My free promotion on July 24, resulted in 1700+ downloads, I broke even after two days and saw read through on the other nine books in the series.

— Susan Leigh Carlton

I’m never disappointed after I run a promotion with Fussy Librarian. They are my go-to when my books need a boost, because I know they’ll deliver the results I need, every time. 

— S.H. Livernois

I have used Fussy Librarian to advertise my books for more than five years and I keep coming back. As a writer with multiple pen names, advertising takes a lot of my time. Fussy Librarian is easy to use which is a huge plus. I’ve never been disappointed and the ROI is well worth the price. Their customer service is exceptional and you deal with a real person.

— Holly S. Roberts

The Fussy Librarian is one of my go-to promotion services when I have a  sale on one of my books. They get great results at very reasonable  prices, are easy to work with, and I can happily recommend them.

— Alexa Rivers

“I love the ease and affordability of advertising with The Fussy Librarian. Plus, the reader list keeps growing, which means I don’t get the diminishing returns of other sites. It’s a great value and powerful tool for any author, especially when you hate marketing as much as I do.”

Maureen Driscoll

“I always get a great response from advertising with the Fussy Librarian. I love the book descriptor system. Readers can see heat levels and other qualifiers. No nasty surprises for them and more satisfied readers for us.”

— L.A. Kelley

“Approachable and friendly, this promo service also gives good value for money.”

Phil Maxey

“I get great results from Fussy Librarian in all of my 3 categories. And more than once a year, too. They keep adding new subscribers, so my promotions there keep funneling new readers to my books.”

— Jean Joachim.

“I used The Fussy Librarian for my most recent promotion and my book made it to #1 in three categories on Amazon. Working with them is easy and straightforward. Some services only allow certain categories and they don’t include mine. The Fussy Librarian offers the services I need and the price is right. I will use them again.”

— Roberto González Rivera.

“As a new author I was thrilled at the amount of books I gave away with my promotion with Fussy Librarian.”
— Leah Key

“Fussy Librarian is your key to success! As a new author, I have a lot to learn about book promotion.  Fussy Librarian is an excellent way to promote your book. They are very helpful and professional. Because of this site, my first book, Lost Child, has had over 10,000 downloads world-wide. I can’t thank them enough, and I plan to use them on a regular basis.”
— Jean Louise Dunstan

“Fussy Librarian has consistently provided me with new readers for a price that fits into my tight budget. The site’s easy to use, the emails for freebie books are well-arranged and free of clutter, and the entire process only takes a few minutes. You can’t ask for much more than that with an advertiser.”
— Cameron Lowe

“I have used The Fussy Librarian for over three years, for all my six books, and the results have always been satisfying or exceeding expectations. Be it for a free or a discounted book, the email blast does its thing. Totally recommended!”

— Nayden Kostov

“The Fussy Librarian has been a great venue to promote my women’s fiction novels resulting in hundreds of downloads every time I run a promotion. After a free promo, I regularly see a bump in sales, Kindle Unlimited pages read, and Amazon reviews. With their fair prices and easy scheduling, The Fussy Librarian is my go-to book promo site.”
— Sally Crosiar