Punctuate like a professional, even if you’re not one


It’s perfectly natural to feel anxious about punctuation.

After all, it’s been years since you sat in that classroom with a handy-dandy textbook (or a smarter kid next to you) ready to provide the answers.

And even Charlotte Bronte and Oscar Wilde expressed deep gratitude for the editors who could clean up their work.

Dominic Selwood, author of Punctuation Without Tears, wants you to feel less like Bronte and Wilde and more like that confident student (or the student across the aisle from him/her).

His top four pieces of advice for doing so are:  

1. Forget the old rules.

2. Be creative with your punctuation.

3. Use punctuation as your rhythm section.

4. Know the horrors.

For a deeper explanation, particularly of those first two tips, head to The Creative Penn, where Selwood’s guest post appears.