Physical books are here to stay (at least a few more years)


We may market ebooks, but we’re of the firm belief that all books — audio, print, or electronic — are good books.

So we were excited to learn that books are the only form of physical media whose sales are growing, according to Strategy+Business.

The website cites PwC’s Global Entertainment & Media Outlook 2018-2022, which predicts a drop in sales of physical video games, home video, and music (sometimes in double-digit percentages), while expecting physical book sales to rise about 1 percent each year.

You probably don’t have to be told what appeals to readers about physical books — the tactile experience and screen fatigue were both mentioned — but demographics also played a role.

“It’s a pretty well-established fact that (print) books skew to an older demographic,” James DePonte, an audit partner at PwC, told S+B.

Streaming services and pricing are also at play; head here for the full analysis.