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As an author who has promoted your own book with The Fussy Librarian, you’ve seen firsthand the results our free ebook newsletter can drive. Chances are you’ve thought about telling other authors how they can benefit from our services but fell short on knowing the best way to do so.

That’s why we created an author affiliate program for customers who want to take their partnership with us to the next level and provide them with the resources that make it not only easy but also rewarding. 

When you sign up for our author affiliate program, you can…

Drive referrals with ease using your own unique tracking link and coupon code

Help other authors who are struggling to reach new readers

Earn in-store credit to put toward your next free ebook promotion


How the Author Affiliate Program Works

As an affiliate/referrer, you will be able to share with other authors the value of promoting free ebooks with The Fussy Librarian. In addition, you’ll receive credit for every referral you bring in!

You’ll also get access to an exclusive partner area where you can find information about the referrals you’ve brought in, the amount of in-store credit available to you, and:

  1. A unique referral tracking link 
  2. A unique referral coupon code 

You can share your tracking link and coupon code wherever affiliate promotion links are allowed. 

When a new customer clicks on your link or applies your coupon code to place an order, you’ll receive 20% of their first purchase in in-store credit. You can then turn around and apply the credit you’ve earned to your next promotion! 

Plus, the coupon will provide each new customer with 20% off their first one-time free ebook promotion.

(If you have additional questions or need help using your partner account once registered, you can find a helpful video tutorial HERE.)

Getting Started is Simple…

Click the button below and fill out the form with your information.

Check your inbox for an email confirming your application has been approved.
We’ll also include instructions on how to log in to your account.

Start using your account and sharing your tracking link, coupon code, and other assets in your partner area to drive referrals.


What You’ll Learn from the Ultimate Guide to Increased Book Sales

A middle aged author setting up her account with Fussy Librarian on her laptop.

What You Can Look Forward to …

Our author affiliate program is free to join, easy to use, and extremely rewarding — especially if you regularly recommend our services to other authors. By signing up today, you can look forward to earning credit just for showing other authors how promoting free ebooks with The Fussy Librarian can help increase visibility, downloads, and rankings.

But that’s not all…

The program also includes several great features, such as an exclusive partner area that
you’ll be directed to automatically upon login

This area contains the following:

  • Your unique referral tracking link that, when used, rewards you with 20% of each new customer’s first purchase in in-store credit 
  • Your unique referral tracking coupon code that, when used, rewards the new customer with 20% off their first purchase and rewards you with 20% of their purchase in in-store credit
  • Statistics about the referrals you’ve been rewarded for
  • Data on the number of visits your tracking link has received
  • The amount of in-store credit available to you
  • A marketing creative you can share online to attract new customers

As a bonus, you’ll receive a special affiliate newsletter, filled with tips on how to drive referrals and get the most out of your partnership with us. 

Fill out the form below and sign up for our author affiliate program today and be rewarded for bringing in referrals! 

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