New prices for free ebook promotions


We've eliminated the flat fee for our free book newsletter and are now setting prices based on the genre.

Our goal is to set our fees so that, on average, an author is paying less than 3 cents per click. (Not download. We would love to get that data, but Amazon isn't sharing 🙂

Cozy mysteries and mysteries are so popular that, frankly, we could have doubled the price and still kept it under 3 cents per click. Instead, we're just going to offer a tremendous value.


Cozy mystery, mystery, thriller, romance, historical romance 35
Romantic suspense, Christian fiction and nonfiction, paranormal romance 30
Nonfiction, literary fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, science fiction 25
Horror, erotic romance, young adult 20
LGBT, children, African-American 10






If you like numbers, here's how the price per click works out for the various genres. Please note these are averages.


Cozy mystery 1.6 cents
Mystery 1.7 cents
Thriller 2.4 cents
Horror 2.4 cents
Nonfiction 2.6 cents
Romantic suspense 2.6 cents
Literary fiction 2.6 cents
Christian fiction and nonfiction 2.6 cents
Historical romance 2.7 cents
Fantasy 2.7 cents
Romance 2.7 cents
Historical fiction 2.7 cents
LGBT 2.7 cents
Children 2.8 cents
African-American 2.8 cents
Erotic romance 2.8 cents
Paranormal romance 2.8 cents
Young adult 2.9 cents