Making marketing books easy


Anyone who has ever written a book will tell you that it's really hard.

That's why The Fussy Librarian is always trying to find new ways to make it easier for authors to promote their work.

That way, they can get back sooner to doing what they love  writing.

This month we're rolling out a series of new features to help authors:

Self-service scheduling: We think every day is a good day to promote books, but not all authors agree. Some like weekends while others just want the first available opening.

So now authors can check openings in real time and pick the exact day they want.

Reordering promotions: Filling out forms can be tedious, so we've streamlined the process.

Now, when authors promote books a second time, they see the details they entered for the first promotion. They only have to update the details that have changed, like dates of a sale, and can leave everything else in place. 

Fewer books in emails: While a lot of readers love to get as many books as possible in their emails, we know that too many choices can make it tougher for some readers to make a decision.

So we're reducing the maximum number of books in the email to let the remaining authors sell more. 

Multigenre promotions: Not all books fit neatly into one genre, so we're making it easy for readers to discover books that belong to more than one category. 

Goodreads links: Some readers use Goodreads to manage their "To Be Read" pile. Soon, they'll be able to click on a link and be taken directly to Goodreads. 

Audiobook links: Readers sometimes like to listen to a book instead of reading it. So we're going to display the price and offer a direct link where they can buy the audiobook. 

There's a lot more coming this summer, for both readers and authors, being developed by the scientists in our top-secret lab.

We would tell you all about it now, but Fussy has us sworn to secrecy. So stay tuned …