How to take charge instead of cover in a crisis


The independence of being an entrepreneur can be a double-edged sword.

It’s great to be in control … but terrifying when that means you have to handle the crises, too.

Chris Syme is here to equip you with the tools for that, though.

Her credentials: She’s a communications and marketing professional whose work on crisis management has been published in MSNBC Online, Sports Illustrated, Social Media Today, and higher-ed journals.

Not all crises have to be as dramatic as, say, the Wells Fargo account-fraud scandal — Syme defines them as “any event that has the potential for negative impact.”

The key part of that definition is the latter part, which helps you sort out what requires attention and what you should work to just ignore.

Once you determine that the event does need a response, Syme wants you to evaluate whether it’s a level one, two, or three threat.

Her criteria for that assignment and the subsequent steps that you’ll take can be found on The Creative Penn.