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The Fussy Librarian matches readers with new authors and titles based on their interests, allowing you to promote your clients’ free ebooks to those most likely to read them. With this method of book marketing for publishers, you can help your clients achieve increased visibility, downloads, and rankings.

What one happy publishing professional has to say:

“We have been promoting the Hannah Howe mystery series with The Fussy Librarian for three years. Thanks to our promotions with The Fussy Librarian, our mystery series has reached the number 1 position on six separate occasions and the number 2 position on 26 separate occasions.

When we promote with The Fussy Librarian, we ALWAYS reach a top 5 position!

Although no one can guarantee results or sales, our sales suggest that The Fussy Librarian is the best promoter in the business for your dollar. We are so confident in them that we have set up promotions of our ebooks with The Fussy Librarian well into the foreseeable future.”

Publisher Daniela Jones, Goylake Publishing

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If you’re looking for an easy, effective method of book marketing for publishers, you’re in the right place. Promoting a client’s free ebook to our list of 565,000 subscribers couldn’t be simpler.

Here’s how to set up a promotion for your client’s free ebook in our daily newsletter…

1. Choose the appropriate genre for the ebook you want to promote.

These are the genres we promote, along with the number of readers signed up for each list and the pricing for a one-time promo:

*(Note: Erotic romance is an opt-in list. Due to the explicit nature of some titles, readers must choose to receive it.)

2. After selecting the promo frequency and genre, click “BOOK” to proceed to the date-section page. If a date is full, it will not be available for selection. (Note: For recurring promos, you’ll pick the date—preferred day and week—at checkout.)

3. Move on to checkout and provide details for your client’s promotion, including the title, a one-sentence description, and links to download. (Note: We accept links to Book Funnel, Instafreebie / Prolific Works, or the client’s website if the goal is to collect email addresses.)

4. Once you’ve paid for the promo, you’re all set! We’ll send you a confirmation email immediately, along with a reminder email the day before the promotion. When you promote a client’s free ebook with The Fussy Librarian, it will be featured in our free ebook newsletter and on our website’s free ebook recommendations page. As a result, you can get your client’s work seen by hundreds of thousands of potential fans.

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