Author clarifies trademark application


A fantasy author says his trademark application was too broad and he's asked his lawyer to revise it.

Michael-Scott Earle had applied for a trademark for book covers where a "one or more human or partially human figures underneath, at least one of the figures holding a weapon; and an author's name underneath the figures; wherein the title/series and author's name are depicted in the same or similar coloring."

Authors complained the application was too broad and would apply to thousands of book covers.

"I asked him to pull that (trademark) ASAP," Earle says. "Obviously, I don't want to go to war with the world — and authors should be able to have people with weapons on the cover. This thing would have never gone through the way it was. It was also an asshole move, I totally agree and it wasn't my intent. My intent was to protect my brand."

Earle says he will refile the request with specific fonts.