The Fussy Librarian Author Affiliate & Referral Program — FAQ

Partner Area

How do I access my partner area?

Once you’ve signed up for our author affiliate program, all you have to do is log in to your account with your username and password. Upon login approval, you’ll be directed to your partner area automatically.

Note: The email address you used at the time of sign-up is the only email address that will be recognized. 

What can I find and see in my partner area?

Your partner area contains valuable data and resources, including the following:

Coming soon… Within your partner area, you’ll also find marketing creative you can download and use to attract new customers!

Screenshot of the statistic section of the partner area.

There are several ways you can use your referral tracking link. You can include it in an email, post it on social media, add it to your website, etc. We encourage you to share it wherever affiliate promotion links are allowed for maximum results. 

Whenever someone clicks on your link and uses it to place an order as a first-time customer of The Fussy Librarian, you’ll be rewarded with 20% in in-store credit for a future free ebook promotion.

How can I use my referral tracking coupon?

Like your referral tracking link, you can use your referral tracking coupon wherever affiliate promotion links and coupons are allowed (e.g., email, social media, your author website). 

Anyone who applies your coupon when placing an order as a first-time customer will receive 20% off a one-time free ebook promotion. Plus, you’ll be rewarded with 20% in in-store credit for a future free ebook promotion. 

What are the details on the discount my coupon offers?

Your referral tracking coupon can only be used one time by each new customer on their first order. To be eligible, an author may not have scheduled a promotion with us previously. 

The coupon code must be entered at the time of checkout. Once applied, the coupon code will provide the new customer with 20% off a one-time free ebook promotion. This coupon cannot be used with any other offers or for items on sale.

Note: In-store credit will be given to you as the affiliate/referrer for a new customer’s first purchase. 

In-Store Credit

Will I receive in-store credit on every purchase my referred customer makes?

No. As an affiliate/referrer, you will only receive in-store credit for the first purchase a new customer makes. 

Can I exchange my in-store credit for cash?

No. Our author affiliate program does not offer cash payouts. Only in-store credit, usable on, will be offered in the amount of 20% of the new customer’s order total when your tracking link or coupon is applied.

How do I shop with my in-store credit?

Shopping for a free ebook promotion with your in-store credit is easy. 

  1. Log in to your affiliate account. 
  2. Select your genre and date of promotion.  
  3. Apply your in-store credit as a payment type at checkout.
Screenshot of pop up showing the user has a balance of $2.68 to use towards purchase.
Screenshot showing affiliate code at checkout.

Note: Any remaining store credit will be listed in your partner area. If in-store credit does not cover the total amount due, you will have the option to provide an additional payment type to make up the difference.

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